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When it comes to cosmetic procedures and beauty treatments, the hardest part is finding the right specialist, right?

Well, to be fair, the whole process is a lot harder than it needs to be. Navigating the world of cosmetic procedures is complicated and time-consuming. You spend hours researching – both the treatment and the literally hundreds of cosmetic specialists out there. You scour the internet trying to soak in any information you can, you read countless reviews, and of course you talk to your friends. But, when it comes to actually booking your treatment, something stops you.

Whether you’re not sure if you’ve discovered everything you need to know, you don’t necessarily have the time to pour into the research game, or you just can’t imagine handing over your hard-earned cash to a stranger, it is uncertainty that stops you in your tracks.

How do we know? Oh, we’re well versed in the endless loop of uncertainty when it comes to cosmetic treatment research, because we too have spent hours trying to find the right information. And you know what? We got sick of spending our spare time getting nowhere when it came to finding a service, and we knew we weren’t the only ones.

Thus, Cosmierge was born.

Cosmierge has been built to be the destination for you to not only learn about cosmetic procedures, but to also find a professional cosmetic specialist that is right for the job. Finding the right person is so important when it comes to cosmetics treatments and procedures, but it doesn’t need to be as complicated and convoluted as it is right now.

At Cosmierge, we want to take away the guess work and uncertainty, and in return give you confidence – confidence that you have found the right cosmetic treatment and specialist for you. How have we done this? We’ve worked hard to build relationships with highly trained and experienced cosmetic specialists all over Australia in order to find practitioners you can trust. We only recommend cosmetic specialists that are not only highly qualified and experienced, but that we have spoken with personally, because we know how important these procedures are to you. Our aim is to make you feel certain when it comes to finding a specialist to suit your needs. And we do this by providing you with the tools you need to find a specialist and be able to make an informed decision.

Daniel and the team started Cosmierge in 2021 after our Marketing Director, Maddie, regularly told stories of how difficult it can be to find a Cosmetic Specialist you can trust.

Her frustrations in not knowing where to find the right information made it clear that there was a need for a service to help people in similar situations. From that frustration, Cosmierge was born.

Having developed their skills running a successful digital marketing agency, the team knew they had what it takes to build a platform to solve this frustration. By implementing the strategies that have been developed through working with various clients over the years, they are able to deliver leads to cosmetic specialists in a profitable and efficient way – far more than what any traditional agency can deliver.


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